Cornelius Clauser
SAP AG, Germany
Cornelius Clauser currently serves as Chief Process Officer (CPO) of SAP. This role includes the focused improvement services for processes and roles as well as provisioning the process infrastructure such as the process map or idea management. He joined SAP in 2011 initially in charge of the Productivity & LEAN team. Prior to SAP he spent 9 years with Porsche Consulting where he served as partner in charge of Porsche- and Volkswagen-internal improvements as well as e.g. machinery, healthcare, knowledge worker productivity or office concepts. Prior to Porsche Consulting he spent five years with McKinsey & Company primarily in the automotive industry working for OEMs and suppliers in all triad regions. He holds a master in computer science and an MBA, attained in Mannheim, Los Angeles and Manila.


Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Wil van der Aalst is a full professor of Information Systems at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e). He is also the Academic Supervisor of the International Laboratory of Process-Aware Information Systems of the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Since 2003 he has a part-time appointment at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His research interests include workflow management, process mining, Petri nets, BPM, process modeling, and process analysis. He has published more than 160 journal papers, 17 books, 300 refereed conference/workshop publications, and 50 book chapters. Many of his papers are highly cited (he has an H-index of more than 103 according to Google Scholar, making him the European computer scientist with the highest H-index). In 2012, he received the degree of doctor honoris causa from Hasselt University. In 2013, he was appointed as Distinguished University Professor of TU/e.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
Jörg Becker is Full Professor and head of the Department of Information Systems at the University of Münster. He is the Academic Director of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). He is Editor in Chief of the journal Information Systems and e-Business Management and serves on various editorial boards. His work has appeared in several journals (e.g. Communications of the AIS, Information Systems Journal, and Business Process Management Journal) and was presented on international conferences (e.g. ICIS, AMCIS, and ECIS). His research interests include BPM, retail IS, e-Government and strategic IT-management. He is honorary professor of the National Research University Higher School of Economics Moscow. Also, Jörg is partner of two university spin-offs on BPM consulting for retail and e-Government.

Prof. Dr. Marlon Dumas
University of Tartu, Estonia
Marlon Dumas is Professor of Software Engineering at University of Tartu, Estonia. He is also Strategic Area Leader at STACC: a collaborative research center that gathers ten Estonian IT organizations with the aim of conducting industry-driven research in service engineering and data mining. From 2000 to 2007, he worked in the BPM group at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Professor Dumas has been recipient of best paper awards at the ETAPS’2006,
BPM’2010 and BPM’2013 conferences and recipient of the 10-years most influential paper award at MODELS’2011 conference. He is co-author of the textbook “Fundamentals of Business Process Management” (Springer).

Prof. Dr. Mikael Lind
University of Borås, Viktoria Institute, and Linköping University, Sweden
Mikael Lind is with the University of Borås, Viktoria Institute, and Linköping University, Sweden. He is the director of the informatics department and the founder of the InnovationLab at the school of Business and Informatics in Borås. He is also the co-founder of the Swedish GSI (Graduate School of Informatics) and is active in different international communities such as Language/action and Pragmatic Web. He is also part of the management board for the AIS special interest group SIGPrag (www.sigprag.org). His research focus is on Pragmatist IS research on Co-design of Business and IT accommodating four research areas; Business Process Management, e-Service Innovation, Method Engineering, and Research Methods for Information Systems Development. He is also the project manager of the citizen-centric e-service project e-Me (www.e-me.se) as well as associate editor for the open journal Systems, Signs & Actions (www.sysiac.org).

Prof. Dr. Peter Loos
Universität des Saarlands, Germany
Peter Loos (1960) is director of the Institute for Information Systems (IWi) at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and is professor of Information Systems at Saarland University. His research activities include business process management, information modelling, enterprise systems as well as implementation of information systems. Peter graduated from Saarland University (Dipl.-Kfm.). He received his PhD (Dr. rer. pol.) and his venia legendi also from Saarland University. He held positions as professor at Chemnitz University of Technology and at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Before he pursued a career in academics he worked for 6 years as software development manager. Peter wrote several books, contributed to 40 books and published more than 100 papers in journals and proceedings.

Dr. Amy van Looy
Ghent University, Belgium
Amy Van Looy holds a Ph.D. in applied economics. She is assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University (Belgium). Before entering academia, Amy worked as an IT consultant (i.e., mainly business and functional analyst) for large e-government projects. Her research focuses on business process maturity and capabilities in public and private organisations, by considering the traditional process lifecycle as well as the organisational culture and structure. Other research interests include business process integration and business process modelling. Her research and publications can be accessed at http://www.amyvanlooy.eu/. The best way to contact Amy is via mail (info@amyvanlooy.eu). You can subscribe to her tweets at http://twitter.com/AmyVanLooy.

Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling
WU Vienna, Austria
Jan Mendling is a Full Professor and head of the Institute for Information Business at WU Vienna. His research Areas include Business Process Management, Conceptual Modelling and Enterprise Systems. He studied at University of Trier (Germany) and UFSIA Antwerpen (Belgium), and received a PhD degree from WU Vienna (Austria). After being a postdoc with QUT Brisbane (Australia) and a junior professor at HU Berlin (Germany), he moved back to WU in 2011. He has published more than 200 research papers and articles, a.o. in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, Information Systems, Data & Knowledge Engineering, and Decision Support Systems. He is member of the editorial board of three international journals, one of the founders of the Berlin BPM Community of Practice (www.bpmb.de), and board member of the Austrian Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement.

Prof. Dr. Jan Recker
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Jan Recker is the Woolworths Chair of Retail Innovation, Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow and a Full Professor for Information Systems at Queensland University of Technology. His research focuses on organizational innovation, process management in organizational practice, and IT-enabled business transformations. Jan has written over 130 journal articles and conference papers on these and other topics and published 3 books on Process Management and research. His work has received funding in excess of $2 million, from government and several large organizations, including SAP, Woolworths, Hargreaves, Suncorp, IP Australia, Australian Federal Police, Ergon, Stanwell, Federal and State Government, and others.

Prof. Dr. ir. Hajo Reijers
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Hajo Reijers is a full professor in Information Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology as well as the head of BPM research at Perceptive Software. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science (2002), an M.Sc. in Computer Science (1994), and an M.Sc. in Technology and Society (1994), all from TU/e. Hajo wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the topic of BPM for the service industry while he was a manager with Deloitte. By now, he published over 150 scientific papers, chapters in edited books, and articles in professional journals. He is the managing director of the European BPM Round Table initiative.

Dr. Peter Trkman
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Peter Trkman is associate professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. His research interests encompass business models and various aspects of business process, supply chain and operations management. He participated in several projects and published over 70 papers including papers in journals like Decision Support Systems, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Journal of Information Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Long Range Planning and Wirtschaftsinformatik. He won several research awards and has been cited over 1000 times. He scores well above the average in students’ evaluations of his pedagogical work.


Mario Baldi
Camelot ITLab GmbH
Mario Baldi is the Manageing Director of Camelot ITLab GmbH since November 2010. As Managing Director with years of market and management experience in the SAP environment Mario Baldi has both a broad IT expertise as well as comprehensive industry know-how. His responsibilities include the strategic expansion of the IT service and solution portfolio, the development of new customer and industry segments, as well as managing the strategic growth strategy of the company.
Mario Baldi has 20 years of experience in leadership positions in the IT industry and was previously among others at SAP Germany, SAP SI / SAP hosting and TDS.

Farideh Heidari
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Farideh Heidari is a last-year PhD-Researcher in Delft University of Technology. Her research focuses on “Understanding and Computing Non-Functional Requirements
for Business Processes”. Besides her main research, Farideh was involved in a few Dutch and European projects in Crisis Management where she applied her BPM knowledge. She holds a Master degree in Industrial Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran, where she was involved in several research projects with industrial applications. Her work has been published as journal papers, book chapters and in the conference proceedings. Besides research, Farideh has more than six years experience in industry in different roles such as R&D Manager, System Engineering Expert, etc.

Jens Pries
SWAROVSKI AG, Liechtenstein
Jens Pries  has been Director Supply Chain Center of Business Excellence and  Director of Supply Chain Global Logistics  with SWAROVSKI AG since 2013. After 17 years of experience in different areas of the Supply Chain working for different employers in different industries, he took over the responsibility for all global distribution Warehouses and the Center of Business Excellence  of SWAROVSKI in Triesen, Liechtenstein.
Swarovski operates a global logistics service center (LSC) in Liechtenstein, delivering about 30 million pieces of jewelry, watches and figurines per year to customers in more than 170 countries. Swarovski operates a highly-automated warehousing solution with more than 10 kilometres of conveyor line in Triesen for the European and American market. In December 2012, Swarovski opened a second LSC in Singapore to serve all customers in the Asia/Pacific region. The Supply Chain Centre of Business Excellence has a group of senior experts in different areas of Supply Chain Management and with a  group project manager operating Strategic Supply Chain Projects on a global base.

Tobias Rölz
Hilti AG, Liechtenstein
Tobias Rölz is Head of „IT Workplace and Application Services” and thus responsible for the global IT Workplace-, Client-, Network- and Voice-Infrastructure as well as the SAP Basis and all global databases. He is reporting to the Global CIO of Hilti. Tobias is mainly dealing with the development, implementation and optimization of new, innovative IT-Technology and IT-Infrastructure strategies like the implementation of „Bring your own Technology“ or several cloud initiatives based on Microsoft and Amazon-technology. Tobias Rölz studied computer science and business administration at the private university “Nordakademie” nearby Hamburg, Germany and is since 2008 with Hilti. Before working for Hilti Tobias was 10 years with Continental in several IT-management-functions in Europe and Asia.

Prof. Dr. Stijn Viaene
Vlerick Business School, Belgium
Stijn Viaene is a Full Professor at Vlerick Business School, where he heads the Technology and Operations Management Area. He is a tenured professor (Hoogleraar) in the Department Decision Sciences & Information Management at KU Leuven. At Vlerick Stijn holds the Deloitte Research Chair “Bringing IT to Board Level”. His research focuses on issues in business-IT alignment, governance and business process management. He has published in renowned journals such as MIT Sloan Management Review, Communications of the ACM, Information and Management, Journal of Information Technology, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE IT Professional, European Journal of Operational Research and Expert Systems with Applications.


Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke
University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
Jan vom Brocke is the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management at the University of Liechtenstein, Director of the Institute of Information Systems, Co-Director of the International Master Program in IT and Business Process Management, Director of the PhD Program in Information and Process Management, and Vice-President of Research and Innovation at the University of Liechtenstein. Jan has more than 15 years of experience in IT and BPM projects and has published more than 200 papers in, among others, MIS Quarterly (MISQ), Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) and Information & Management (I&M). He is a regular contributor to the Business Process Management Journal (BPMJ) and author and editor of 19 books, including the International Handbook on Business Process Management and Green BPM – Towards the Sustainable Enterprise.


Dr. Theresa Schmiedel
University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
Theresa Schmiedel is Assistant Professor at the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management at University of Liechtenstein. She holds a PhD in business economics from the University of Liechtenstein and a Diploma in economics from the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, which she conducted partially at York University, Toronto, Canada. She worked as a Research Assistant at the Department for Sociology and Empirical Social Research, University of Hohenheim, and the Centre for Cultural and General Studies, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany. Her research focuses on the social phenomena in IS research. Her work has been published in journals, including Information & Management and Business Process Management Journal, as well as in academic books and conference proceedings. She is an invited speaker in the field of business process management.